School Rules

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The following safety rules were prepared to avoid dangerous situations for drivers entering school property:

a. Children should never be allowed to pass between buses or cars to a waiting vehicle or to walk home. Accidents are more prone to occur in the school parking lot. Backing up, speeding and the general distraction which occurs at this time are the main causes of accidents.

b. When drivers are picking up more than one child, the children should be gathered and then walked to the vehicle.

c. Drivers should not stop directly in front of the school entrance or in the middle of the parking lot; as a traffic congestion will result and the safety of children jeopardized.

d. Drivers should not park their vehicles in areas designated as No Parking Fire Lane. There is a fine for this offense. This area is needed at all times for emergency use.

e. The maximum speed is 10 mph or less for entering or leaving school grounds.

f. Drivers should stay in line and not try to pass each other. When dropping-off and picking-up children, drivers should proceed slowly forward. This will prevent a serious accident, and there will be less confusion for everyone involved.

g. In drop-off and pick-up designated areas, drivers should stay in their vehicles at all times. This area is also used for emergency access. An unattended vehicle could cause a serious hazard for response time. If it is necessary to get out, the vehicle should be parked in a designated parking space.

h. School buses should be granted the right of way when trying to pick-up or drop-off children. The State Statute requires vehicles to stop 10 feet behind or in front of the school bus when lights are flashing.

i. Drivers should not call out for unattended children to cross the parking lot. Younger children show little or no concern when moving vehicles are near them, and simply assume that the motorist will see them and act accordingly.

j. Crossing guards and parent volunteers should be utilized to the extent possible to assist with the safety of children. The Norwalk Police Department will strictly enforce all traffic and parking rules.



School Hours at Tracey

Enter Building at 8:20 Class Begins at 8:35 Dismissal is at 3:20.

Children may enter the building at first bell - 8:20 a.m. The school cannot

assume responsibility for children arriving prior to first bell.

1. In case of inclement weather or other emergencies tune into radio station

WNLK (Norwalk) regarding possible school closing or delayed opening.

2. Delayed opening will be one or two hours after the normal opening time.



K-5 will enter at 10:05 or 11:05, depending on the decision of the Superintendent; and be dismissed at 3:25.



Dismissal will be granted only as AN EMERGENCY MEASURE. Please send a note giving the reason for an early dismissal. Dismissal can be made only to a responsible adult. YOU MUST PICK UP YOUR CHILD AT THE OFFICE ONLY. All dismissal MUST be before or by 3pm. 


Questions regarding buses should be addressed to Principal and/or Director of Transportation, 854-4074.


The school breakfast/lunch programs are handled via the Food Services Department. Breakfast is available each morning at 8:20a in the school cafeteria for those interested. The breakfast ticket should be purchased on the first school day of each week.

There are no refunds or credits if a student is absent, however, the ticket may be given to a sibling or friend, or the parent may come to school to pick up the lunch.


Progress reports in grades K-5 are given out 3 times a year. To aid parents a conference will be arranged to help understand the child and his/her work.


The Tracey homework policy is based upon the understanding that any statement does not apply to every child every day, but it does apply to most children in our school.

Homework will not be given just for homework's sake. It will be assigned when there is a specific purpose which the child can see and when it has a definite relation to the school day.

If a child is having difficulty with the assignment, please do not do it for him/her. Instead, notify the teacher so that he or she might offer extra assistance.

The following minimum weekly requirements have been recommended:

Grade 1 - average of 40 minutes per week

Grade 2 - average of 60 minutes per week

Grade 3 - average of 80 minutes per week

Grade 4 - average of 120 minutes per week

Grade 5 - average of 180 minutes per week

The homework will be a combination of all subjects.

Long term assignments may be given in addition to the above.

Parents requesting homework because of a child's absence should give 24 hours notice for teacher to prepare assignment. Work may be picked up in office or sent home with another child.


Since parking is limited, parents are asked to fill all available spaces before blocking in cars parked along the fence area. Please follow the arrows to insure a smooth flow of traffic in and out of the parking field. Parking is permitted on the west side of Camp Street for those parents who so choose. Parents are asked not to park on the side of the building nearest the school as this is a Fire Lane and must be open at all times.

Reglas de Estacionamiento de  TRACEY

Para que el dejar y recoger a su hijo/a, todos los estudiantes, los miembros de la familia y visitantes de la escuela TRACEY sea más fácil y seguro, por favor siga las siguientes reglas de trafico de la Ciudad de Norwalk y de la escuela Tracey.

1.     En Ningún momento, se estacione en la línea de autobuses al frente de la escuela

2.     NO Bloquee los cruces de peatones

3.     NO estacionar en la línea de fuego amarilla o en la zona de NO ESTACIONAR (esto es especialmente importante en la entrada al lado de la escuela)

4.     NO estacionar en los espacios reservados

5.     Estaciónese solamente en los espacios marcados.  Si no hay espacios disponibles salga del estacionamiento y encuentre un espacio donde pueda estacionarse legalmente en las calles cercanas a la escuela “Solo por un minuto” o “Estoy recogiendo a mi hijo temprano” no son excusas para estacionarse ilegalmente.

6.     Deje a su hijo en el estacionamiento de la parte de atrás, esto evitará los acumulamientos de carros al frente y los lados de la escuela y es más fácil para los estudiantes llegar directamente a sus salones de clases.

7.     A la hora de salida los vehículos deben FORMAR UNA LINEA a la derecha del edificio.  En NINGUN momento deje su automóvil desatendido.  Determine un punto de reunión con su hijo/a, para evitar las aglomeraciones y llegue temprano.

8.     NO estacionar en la entrada, salida o en la línea de salida.

9.     Cuando camine use las líneas de paso de peatones para salir del estacionamiento. En NINGUN momento, deje que su hijo/a cruce el estacionamiento para llegar a su automóvil.

10. Sea cortes y respetuoso con los demás miembros de la familia Tracey

11. Un monitoreador del trafico y seguridad esta a la mano para que el recoger a su hijo/a sea lo mas seguro y eficiente posible.  En algunos casos se pueden hacer excepciones, solamente cuando son aprobadas por el monitoreador de trafico y seguridad.

12. Todos los estacionamientos de las escuelas publicas de Norwalk siguen los reglamentos de trafico de la ciudad.  Usted podría ser citado por cometer una violación de trafico.  Una cita de cortesía se otorgara a los violadores primerizos y se mantendrá en archivo el numero de placas.  Los infractores consistentes serán referidos a la Policía de Norwalk para futura acción.


All students participate in Physical Education classes. Each child will need a pair of sneakers.


Our school is always open to parents of our children, but you must check with the office before visiting any classrooms. It is, however, not a baby sitting service. We, therefore, ask that no children of visiting relatives come to school for visits.

Teachers are available for conferences either before or after school, thus eliminating any interruptions during the teaching day.


Parents are reminded that when children are absent from school you must either call the school the day of the absence or send the child back to school with a note explaining the absence.

Children arriving back to school without a call or note will be considered truant and any absence without a note or call of more than four days in a month require action from our social worker with a possible call to Child Protective Services.


Under no circumstances may children bring any toy guns, knives, or firecrackers to school. While we realize these are only play objects, they nevertheless are dangerous and do not belong in school. They will be confiscated upon sight.

Children who find they accidentally brought their Cub Scout knife, etc. to school should turn the object into the office where it will be held until the end of the school day.



It is suggested that children walk to school in pairs or groups rather than alone. We have found that children walking in groups usually have no difficulty with older children and tend to discourage strangers from approaching them.

Parents should walk their younger children to school for the first few days, thus establishing a definite pattern of travel. It is important for children to know the safest way to and from school.


Children are requested to cross Camp Street, Cross Street or North Avenue where there are crossing guards. THEY SHOULD NOT CROSS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE BLOCK NOR IN FRONT OF THE SCHOOL. Parents are asked when parking on Camp Street, to instruct their children to also cross with the crossing guard.


School is the child's place of business and his/her dress, actions, and speech should always reflect it. Clothes should be sensible, neat, and clean at all times.

Student Dress & Grooming

The serious nature of our school activities and pride in reputation of our school require neat grooming, cleanliness and appropriate dress.

Student's overall appearance should fall within the generally accepted definitions of neatness and cleanliness. Generally, the students are expected to dress and groom themselves for the business of school so as to neither distract other students or teachers, disrupt the education process, or pose a health or safety threat to anyone. Clothing should be clean, untorn, free from promotion of or reference to drugs, alcohol, and tobacco, and offensive signs, symbols or words. Clothing should also be free of slogans, names, titles or the like which are defamatory toward person(s), group(s), the school or other organizations or which are likely to incite or inflame. Apparel which is worn to symbolize member ship in a gang or clique will not be permitted.

The Board of Education encourages students to dress in clothing appropriate to the school situation. Restrictions on freedom of student dress may be applied whenever the mode of dress in question

1. Is unsafe either for the student or those around the student;

2. Is disruptive to school operations and the education process in general;

3. Is contrary to law.

The following clothing styles are specifically prohibited:

1. Black soled shoes, boots or sneakers which mark the floor.

2. "See-through" style and/or mesh style shirts, blouses or midriff tops.

3. Underwear worn as outerwear.

4. Short shorts, athletic shorts and cutoffs. (Shorts will be permitted as long as they are mid thigh length and of appropriate fit.)

5. Ripped jeans/cutoffs.

6. Spandex clothing.

7. Short skirts. (Skirts no shorter than slightly above the knee and of appropriate fit are permitted).


PTO will arrange for room parents who will contact parents for assistance with trips, excursions, room parties, etc. Watch for notices from PTO in the near future.


We continue to need the assistance of parent volunteers in classrooms, library, lunchroom, trips, computer room, etc. Watch for notices from PTO regarding our need for volunteers.


Any change of address or telephone number should always be reported to the office immediately.


Check our lost and found boxes for lost articles. Please put a name on personal items your child wears to school.


Please remind children of appointments before they leave for school. ONLY EMERGENCY TELEPHONE MESSAGES WILL BE DELIVERED. NO CHILDREN WILL BE CALLED TO THE TELEPHONE.


Student Accident Enrollment Forms are attached. If you wish to insure your child, insert money in the envelope, preferable a check, and return to school. If you have more than one child in school, you will need to fill out an envelope for each child. If you do not wish to insure your child, write NO on the envelope, sign, and return to school. Insurance is made available to the children of the school as a convenience by the Norwalk Board of Education. Participation is voluntary. You may take out one of the following plans:

To-From-At School (School Time Coverage)

24 Hour Coverage


To receive any medication (including aspirin) during the school day, there must be a medication form on file signed by a doctor and a parent/guardian. The medication will be administered by the school nurse. In the absence of the school nurse, medication may be administered by the principal, teacher or other certified personnel. No student may carry any medication at any time while at school.



1. The following is a summary of the rules and regulations which apply to all students, employees of the Board and visitors. These rules are not intended to take away the rights guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States or the State of Connecticut.

2. The following acts are prohibited on school property, school buses, or in connection with school activities:

a) Theft or extortion (shakedown)

b) Assault or fighting

c) Damaging school or personal property

d) Intimidating or harassing others; making threats or using curse words or other fighting words such as insults to race or religion

e) Possession of any dangerous weapons such as knives, guns, fireworks, clubs, chains, or any articles which, under the circumstances, are likely to be used to hurt others.

f) Disrupting any class or school activity

g) Making false alarms or bomb threats

h) Interfering with the lawful activities of others

i) Possession, sale, or use of alcohol, or of any other drug which is prohibited by law

j) Getting or helping others to do any of the above acts

k) Defiance of appropriate school authority

3. The person in charge of each school is responsible for deciding whether a rule has been broken. Students who break these rules may be suspended for up to 10 days and/or referred to the Superintendent of Schools if the violation is a very serious one. A hearing before the Superintendent of Schools may result in penalties up to and including exclusion from regular instruction. Hearings before the Superintendent are closed to the general public and all records of such hearings are kept confidential. At hearings before the Superintendent, the person charged with violating the rules described above may be represented by an attorney.


Tracey School and the Norwalk Public Schools assume no responsibility or liability for unsupervised use of the playground.

Students are not to arrive at school until 8:20 a.m. It is the parents/guardians responsibility to supervise their children prior to this time. Students are expected to leave school grounds upon dismissal from school..


All students at Tracey School have the privilege of borrowing books from our Library. Unfortunately, the cost of books is on the rise, and replacing lost or damaged books must be the responsibility of the student, and parent. We always encourage students and parents to use our Library, but to also remember that the materials in the Library are for everyone's use.

These fees are in effect at this time, and are expected to be paid promptly upon notice:

$10.00 for each lost or damaged hardcover book

$3.00 for each lost or damaged soft cover book or magazine


In accordance with Board of Education policy, No Smoking is permitted on school grounds or in the school building from one-half hour before school through the day until one-half hour after school. Also, No Smoking is permitted at school sponsored activities form one-half hour before the activity through one-half hour after the activity.

"The Norwalk Public Schools does not discriminate in educational programs or practices on the basis of Race, Color, Handicap, National Origin, or Sex, in compliance with state and federal laws."