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Farm to School Experience

Since August 2019, Tracey has hosted a service member from FoodCorps Americorps, a national service program that connects kids to healthy food in schools through hands-on learning. This partnership with FoodCorps, guided by both the local organization Norwalk Grows and the Northeast Farm to School Institute, led to the creation of the Tracey Farm to School Experience (FTS) in 2020. Farm to School is a strong extension of what it means to leave your PRINT on the world through hands on experiences and problem solving through the various environments that FTS affords our students.

Tracey Farm to School LogoThrough direct classroom instruction, schoolwide events, cafeteria promotions, and programming in the garden, the Tracey Farm to School program teaches students about food, nutrition, gardening, plants, animals, cooking, and much more.

FTS is yet another opportunity for students to connect their classroom learning (science, math and ELA standards) to real life skills and experiences.  The Tracey FTS Experience also has a strong home school component which exemplifies our T in PRINT of taking responsiblity for our eating, wellness and learning of the environment beyond the school walls.  



The Farm to School Values Statement as created by the Farm to School Team at Tracey:

The Tracey Magnet School fosters social and self awareness through its core values of PRINT. Our Farm to School program utilizes PRINT to educate and enhance relationships within the community to create, sustain, promote and inspire an equitable, local food system.

The Farm to School Program is responsible for bringing a grow experience to every single one of our student’s homes, a hands-on Earth Week Celebration, a Garden Lending Library in partnership with the Norwalk Public Library and partnering with the Theme Coach and classroom teachers to ensure that every garden experience is an extension of classroom learning rooted in our character education core values.  Please enjoy some pics of our FTS experience below! (Coming soon!)

For pictures of our Farm to School Experience CLICK HERE and then click PRESENT!

For our Farm to School Google Site CLICK HERE!